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Totally get it. And for me – it’s the other teachers. I changed schools (long story – but I was a virtual teacher for 2 years and it was FANTASTIC. But then the school district shut the program down. I was transferred. Never thought it would be so horrible) So now I’m the new girl. On a team of 6. And the other teachers are MEAN. Just down right MEAN to me. They leave me out of decisions. So I’m always figuring things out on my own. They have a “secret” pacing guide – I was following the distrcit’s. But then somehow I noticed they use a completely different one. So did I try to catch up? Nope. I just skipped lessons. I don’t even care anymore. I’ve had a teacher come into my room, drop a paper on my desk and say “This is wrong.” And walk out. Friday I had a teacher step into my room, hold her nose, and comment “It smells like lysol in here” Yep. It does. I arrive 30 min early everyday to clean the room. I lysol everything. It’s fine. Get out. My class learns a little poem a week. ON fridays, they glue the poem into their poem journal. It’s actually fun to hear them sing the little songs and look through their journal. But….. Friday – as I had a group working on thie week’s poem, a teacher came in my room, looked at our project and said (get ready) THIs is NOT gonna work for me. Huh? It’s not going to work for you? Then don’t DO IT WITCH. So add up these daily comments, plus the times one teacher will snap her fingers at me. As “hurry up” or “pay attention” I mean this is my 22nd year. I’ve cried more this year than any year – even more than year 1. So yes, I’m outta here. My husband wants me to quit at December. But I ……. I’m going to hold out until May. Then I’m not longer a teacher. “I teach kindergarten” will never come out of my mouth again. Incredibly sad for me, honestly.