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Advice to you from a 12 year former sub, so many long term assignments, taught every subject and even admin from time to time on how a process was done, they have already figured out that you are a warm body to cover any space who will keep doing it, until you don’t. You are cheaper than hiring another teacher. Sometimes they can’t easily fire the one you would replace who are sometimes taking time off just because they can. A teacher who was contemplating leaving teaching once asked me something to the affect of what is to be done if you leave. My answer is, so many things. There assuredly is life after teaching. The hardest part is getting used to your new “identity” which if you think it through first so that you are 100% ready to make and stand by your decision, you will get used to it and rwalize there are many days you are happy you did. Sometimes it seems more respect is given to the whiniest laziest and rudest than to the person who is pretty much all in bustin their hump to try to make everything great for everyone but you take it because you still believe in right and doing good, until you make your list of benefits v sacrifices and decide enough is enough and then that the only one who deserves your loyalty and hard work is you and your own family. Ive seen them hire a few subs, usually the younger ones. But so many others who worked and waited for whom there is no intention of ever hiring. Choose another love and make it a career. You’ve already proven you have the chops to do it.