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I teach Kindergarten and wanted to spend more time observing students during their lunch because everyday someone gets hit , food spilled on them, or harassed in some way by the same student. So, the other day I sat down at a table, across from that student, casually, and a few students change seats to come sit with me. I observed the kid in action, as if he wanted me to see what he can do and how he can get away with it. He got out of his seat and started hitting another kid, crawled under the table and started punching kids , and since he left his lunch bag, I grabbed it to prevent his assault while students get in line.He ran out of the lunch room and grabbed another student to run with him. A supervisor was able to separate the kids. But since I still had his lunch bag, he started to grab it and tried with all his might to pull it from my hands.. since he was unsuccessful, he flipped my tray i was holding with my other hand and my food spilled.. He called me rude names and finally ran off .
He has been bullying my class for about 2 months after being moved from another Kinder class for the SAME behaviors.