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Preach. Most of the massive behavior problem students – that are violent, dangerous and disruptive – would not have been in schools – let alone gen Ed classes forty years ago. Now they are forced into classes that are bigger that have so many other issues and high needs and no extra help. And we can’t level classes so you’ve got kids that are functionally illiterate in a room with AP level students. No one is getting the services they need. But ya know the district is saving money for that bloated admin budget. And people wonder why test scores have plummeted. The kids in the middle who you could pull up are stuck in classes with other who ruin the environment for everyone and that is where the focus is, instead on the kids who are there to learn and could be helped in a Gen Ed classroom. If you can behave in a classroom you should not be able to ruin it for everyone else. But we’ve decided the rights of a few are worth more than the rights of the many.