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My admin knows I have a very rough class this year. We’ve done many interventions and given extra support to many.
We’ve ALL also been through a global pandemic.
I’ve never had issues with my admin here. But she now thinks I am not building relationships with my class and that maybe the population of the school isn’t a good fit all of a sudden for me. Yet before this year she’s never had a negative word to say about me in that area.

Yet, she said we need to always do what’s best for the kids. Nevermind that I’ve had to increase my anxiety meds this year AND have started having blood pressure issues. Nevermind the fact that I’ve put in more hours outside of the school day this year than I’ve ever done. Nevermind I’ve followed protocols whenever there’s a major issue.

Maybe if they follow through on discipline and hold students and parents accountable then things school wide could improve. Maybe if they truly cared about teacher wellbeing, we could actually be the best teachers for the students.

I’m so sick of teachers not mattering!!! I guess we’re not allowed to have a rough time ever.