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Ive been reading these posts and not replying until I came to yours. I’m sure your contemplating was only a fleeting what if thought, but I can assure you that no one on earth, especially your daughter, would be better off if you were not here. Even Shi**y people can learn from good people, even if they give you heck for a moment, you may have an affect on them that isnt known until years down the road. Power through by separating your job from your life but approach your job as “I will choose what is right from wrong no matter what they say.” Then, stop worrying about what they say, email, or whatever. I am not fanatical, just faithful, and got by for years letting God decide his plan for me and that when my purpose in that place was fulfilled, it was time to move on. He let me know when it was time. A co worker who was contemplating later asked me about what she was considering, that she was unsure of what it would be like. My advice to her was that ther is life after teaching. It definitely is an adjustment and takes getting used too but you will find your strength. New adventures ( and tests, just a fact of life ) await and make stronger every day.