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I quit at the end of May 2022. While I haven’t suffered a shooting type of danger, I felt like everyday was a struggle. I had a great schedule, close bathroom, awesome team. I though this was the Magical school everyone said to find. The kids were at best average, but ok. Since returning to full time, the old dread returned. I would spend a long time thinking about and planning my lessons, and everything is too hard (which I had lowered my standards and expectations as the year progressed as I saw gaps in their abilities), everything is not fun, when can I use my ipad? It became difficult to find anything that didn’t cause anger, flippant attention, anxiety over perfection, or down right refusal.

While a lot of teachers have the joy of missing their students, I didn’t have that experience. Lots of cute, capable and wonderful kids, but as the years went on there was not enough of those kids.