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    As a former student, yes-we all are, I must sound off on a students’ perspective.

    Teachers are societies most valuable resource. Hands down, a teacher will break human barriers to reach their pupils. A student will always recognize and gravitate toward them. A student eventually comes to understand that the teacher is truly their saving grace. A student may not always verbalize this; however, it remains to be true regardless.

    I can distinctly recall multiple teachers throughout my lifetime, spanning most all grades up to and through higher education who were pivotal for me during my most formative and valuable years. Each from differing disciplines, and all achieving the same goal, teaching me exactly and beyond what I needed to know going forth in our world. For that, I owe them everything.

    I observed the struggles they encountered with admin, and felt very compelled to stand up for them, and often did. I once had a principal pull me aside to comment and inquire as to why I might consider becoming an attorney-respectively I was able to formulate a response so strong it changed his mind on a specific topic at the time, for the benefit of that particular teacher and their modified curriculum.

    The point is this: be proud of being a teacher-for it is amongst the most honorable professions one can undertake. Know that your endeavors are not for naught. We (students) see you, trust you, believe in you, respect you, love you, and honor you. Always. Students know you have spent your own hard-earned money on us and truthfully even though we love it, we wished you spent it on your family first!

    Even the “Problem Students” see you and want you to continue to work on them-even though it seems like they don’t! No one else is concerned with them but you, and you do seriously make a difference, even if it shows up positively years down the road when you cannot see it take shape.

    Today’s students seem like a whole different breed, but they are just like my generation was-always in need of your guidance and genuine concern. They still see you and appreciate you.

    Today, one must convince the parents to be a champion of teachers for their children. Only through this can the Admin be changed-because teaching is/has been changed into a corporate mentality. When it becomes all about the money from the Admin perspective-everyone loses-especially the students.

    Today, I am very successful, because of my teachers. Do not lose sight of the difference you make. I am happy to say that in my profession-I am there when people need me the most. A teacher did that! A teacher led me to find my own calling and down this path to help others. Keep your teaching faith going strong. Enlist all who will assist in your endeavors to continue the most honorable work of all-teaching.

    To all Teachers-I will never forget you.
    Thank you all-for everything!
    You…..make the world a better place.

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