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    Last year my school received a transfer student who had been expelled from his previous school after he beat another kid almost to death. He was at first only taking 2 classes actually IN school for an “easier transition” (which was probably good). The admin and special ed coordinator and everyone on his team agreed that he would have this schedule for the rest of the year and then try more classes in person at school next year.

    3 weeks after he arrived my principal told me he decided, without talking to ANYONE, that the student was okay enough to have a full-time schedule because the student “said he was sorry and read the Bible during class”.

    They stuck him in my class with no warning. He had no behavior plan, no supports, and was extremely violent. On the first day in my class he told everyone he would love to beat up any LGBT people (we weren’t even discussing that to begin with).

    I have short hair and he told many students (who reported it to me because they were scared for me) that he didn’t believe I could be married to a man because I am “obviously gay” and that he was going to come to my house to find out and then would beat me up.

    He had my address and everything. Admin did nothing, didn’t even tell his guardian. I eventually was able to get him removed from my class after the special Ed coordinator saw how violent his outbursts were in class. He was in 9th grade too.

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