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    I referred 3 kids for ditching 4th hr and taking a long lunch. Admin puts them in ISS for several days just during my class….so they can miss it more I guess. When I questioned why lunch detentions weren’t given instead, because that would be a logical consequence, I was offered the option of me having to watch them in my room all day. So they would miss their other 5 classes? Whaaaat? And then I was told that if I was under the impression that I could dictate administrative discipline, I was incorrect. So I told him I just thought admin should use common sense and I was incorrect about that too. Ugh…1st year admin telling a 30 year teacher that their way is better.

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    I am an elementary art teacher and travel between two schools. One schools schedule is wonderful and consistent. Classes line up and flows well. The other is a shit show and admin doesn’t listen to needs of specialists at all. I took a whack at making the schedule better and even made adjustments from feedback. The final schedule sent out was horrible. Most class times are random. And my colleagues (gym and music) especially are getting completely shafted and I’m tired of it. They don’t care and work us like we don’t need time to transition or pee.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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