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    First of all, we should have two observations a year. I had one. My principal, has never been a teacher. If she had, she would not have scheduled 5 minute parent teacher conferences. (Yes, that is true!) On the one lesson she observed, I was teaching a math lesson and doing a bang up job. In the back of the room was a girl that I’ll call Mary that did not complete her Reading homework from the previous night. Reading class was immediately after math, with the teacher next door. Mary was sitting in the back, working on her reading/language arts late assignment. The desk next to her was empty from an absent student. Principal plops down in the adjoining desk and decides to spend my whole lesson helping Mary with her late homework. Talking out loud! I kid you not. Other students were turning around to see what the noise was about. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would not have believed it. Afterwards, she told me “Good Job”. Are you kidding? She wasn’t even listening. I did not say anything, but I told myself I would complain if I did not get a good rating on my observation. I did, so nothing was said.

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