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    I work at an after school program with kindergarteners that get released 10 minutes before the rest of the grade. Parents ate expected to wait 20 minutes (so 30 for kindergarten parents) after school gets out to check in all the kids and account for any missing ones. A parent came to my room during class when the students were all sat in a circle asking to pick up his child. I told him no that we haven’t had a call for him that he needs to check out his child first before we release him to you (for safety also we don’t usually interact with parents so I had never seen that guy before). He says no ones over there and that he’s been waiting for twenty minutes and he had to wander the school to try and find his child (which he’s not supposed to do). I explain to him that he has to wait until check in is finished to sign out. He goes to leave but tells his kid to come with him. I interrupt and say the child needs to stay with us until we hear on walkie that it’s time to go. I don’t remeber exactly when but I could tell that the interaction was getting heated so at some point during this I stepped between him and the students that were sitting on the carpet. I repeat to him to go sign out his child. The parents tells me “I’ve heard a lot about you, Buddy. Don’t come at me” in a very aggressive manner. He told his kids “let’s go” so I told the kid “please go sit on the carpet with everyone else. Dad tells child “Don’t listen to her” and just stands there not sure what to do. I walkie asking for help and get no response because are walkies aren’t working so not all of the calls go thtough and we are still waiting for new ones from the district (second time that I’ve had an incident and the walkies didn’t work). I walkie again and get the response “what was that I couldn’t hear what you were saying. I repeat a third time that someone is trying to take a kid and the assistant boss says they are on their way. The assistant boss arrives so the man and his child go to where they need to get signed out. I put on some go noodle for the kids and try to call on the phone to let them know about him threatening me. I am told I need to wait until they are done with check in before they talk to me more about what happens. During the gonoodle/phone call multiple students go up to the assistant staff and say how the student Dad was scary and mean and was asking why he was so mean and scary. Apparently two students told her they were going to go home and tell their parents. Honestly I hope they do because that parent was so scary I though he might get physically violent, just grab his kid, or start yelling and cussing. Hopefully parents asking what happened would get more action taken than just a talk and email. Later the assistant boss comes by we talk over what happened. She says she will send him a follow up email about how that aggressive behavior is not allowed and that she talked to him in the sign out room and seems remorsefull and understands that behavior trying to take your kid without signing them out is not okay behavior. When it was time for me to leave the assistant biss says that the parent wants to have him moved to the other group however they aren’t going to give the parent what they want just because they don’t like me anymore. Nevermind that we’ve had issues with the student and their other parent such as the kid trying to hid from us being being told we aren’t allowed to use the word time out and how whenever the child gets in trouble we are supposed to talk him through his feelings that lead to him making that choice and I while the child is doing better behavior wise I would be more than happy to have him switched to not have to deal with his parents. Logically though I understand we can’t move a child just because their parent wants them in another group. Tomorrow I plan to talk with my boss and ask to ensure that I won’t have interactions with that parent whenever possible. I’m movjng soon though, which is good.

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