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    So I love fall in the PNW. It is cool in the am and pm and sunny and warm (not hot) during the day. Tomorrow is going to be beautiful! So I decided I wanted to take my freshman outside for the day. We just finished a unit on mental health and I thought I could tie this all together. I called a local landscaping business and got rocks donated so we could paint inspirational sayings and/or school pride slogans. I emailed the principal to ask if we could put them around the (outside) if the school. He misinterpreted my email to mean that I was asking permission to do the project. His reply was that we shouldn’t do that for the whole period… My reply, “I meant can we put the rocks around school? “
    Between the lines I hope he understood that I wasn’t asking permission to paint rocks for the full hour. We will in fact be doing that. I have a good relationship with my kids and expectations have been and will be reiterated before the activity.

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