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    I love to give my elementary students dancing brain breaks. One kid accidentally hit another in the face at dismissal. As I’m a new teacher in this district and school, I didn’t know I could send kids to the nurse even at dismissal. In addition, admittedly, I didn’t call parents the first day.

    I had the kid Here’s what happened next:

    1. Parent: Emails me five times within two days. Doesn’t answer phone call the Ms t day when I call. Goes straight to admin the next day. Tells me their son was assaulted and isn’t being protected by me in the classroom. Keeps their kid home the day after the accident.

    2. Admin: Calls me in to talk to me, even after I’ve forwarded them the emails. Asks that I do more “calming brain breaks.” Even though I’ve been teaching for ten years (and I often do conscious discipline breathing with my students), offers to “model calming brain breaks for me” or “come work with me in the classroom every day like they are with my partner teacher, who’s a first year teacher who doesn’t monitor or respond to the misbehavior in her classroom. Our kids act completely different in my classroom versus hers in term of respect). Says they’re now launching an investigation into “bullying” because the kid said the other kid is bullying him in both my and my partner teacher’s classrooms (he’s never said anything to me and I’ve never noticed anything. I’m usually on it).


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