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    This week is final exam week. I have been trying to get students prepared for our exam (high school bio, we’re doing a lactase lab) for the past week and a half.
    A student, who has been failing pretty much every class since Q2, comes in 40 minutes late to our exam, says she just got to school. Okay, fine, luckily this is a small class and I have an extra set of lab supplies for her.
    As I’m getting her set up, it becomes obvious from the way she is acting and how nauseous I suddenly feel, that she is higher than a kite. I’ve got nothing against weed personally, but whatever she had taken had a RANK smell.
    Okay, fine, you’re wearing safety glasses and I’m handling the Hot stuff, not a real safety risk here. Thank god we aren’t doing a dissection.
    I thought that was going to be the worst of it, but no.
    She spelled her own name wrong on the test. And not just flipping a letter around, she added a letter that is not in her name and forgot a letter that was. Her name.
    Needless to say she’ll have a great time in biology again next year.

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