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    While conducting state testing for 240 ELLs in our dank and musty computer lab, a student asked if I would at least open the blinds and let the sun into the lab. In the 12 years that lab had been a part of our building, I’d never seen the blinds pulled up- so I walked over and pulled the cord.
    5000 dead flies.
    At least.
    Covering the sill from end-to-end. Maybe 10,000. Not sure, but enough to make me make a sound that attracted the attention of some kids. I took a photo. I violated district policy and posted that photo on FB, writing, “Would you like to work here?”
    I’d gotten to the point I didn’t care anymore. The next morning, before school started, I got an email from
    HR stating that they’d made arrangements for a sub in my room and I was to immediately vacate my classroom and come to the HR office. I asked my union president to join me. I was verbally reprimanded and I didn’t argue or defend myself. I just said, “I took a photo that is a reflection of my life.”
    Any of my colleagues who saw the post and either reacted or commented were also called in. They were verbally reprimanded, as well.
    They, like me, didn’t care.
    5000 dead flies, people…at least.

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