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    I’m an English teacher in Hong Kong and it’s my third year now.

    So, second term just started and I don’t think I can even GO ON!!! I just took another leave today because I couldn’t even bare the thought of facing students and teaching them!! It’s my 5th SL in 6 months and been feeling this way since September!

    Now, I would actually leave but if I do, I’d have problems financially. I got a lot of bills/loans to pay and I cant afford to leave my job just yet.

    Each day, I feel this heaviness inside of me, especially every night!!! I even sleep late just to avoid facing work. I’m really in serious trouble here. I tried talking to my parents to lend me temp money as I want to leave my job but they just said I should suck it up. Of course they don’t really understand what i’m feeling!

    I just need an outlet and I’ll try to stick it out till the end of the school year!! But i sure HOPE I CAN! My sanity is in jeopardy!

    Any thoughts?? I ranted about it in my

    blog, feel free to check it out and comment! I’d like to hear your thoughts!

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