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    I teach kindergarten and I have a board member’s kid in my class this year. The child is very bright and ahead of her peers. I provide her with different work during whole group lessons and work with her individually during centers. Today she approached me during recess and asked, “have my mom and dad talked to you about me going to first grade for half of the day?” I responded, “No” and she then said, “Oh. Well they’ve talked to me about it.”
    This board member should have just come to my classroom and punched me in the face!
    And, by the way, the parents of this child have offered NOTHING to my classroom, respond to none of my messages and when I sent home take home reading, they’ve returned it twice. 2 times all damn year and they’re talking to their kid about leaving my room.
    I’m so fucking ready to quit! And I’m within 2 years of retirement. Talk me out of throwing it all away!

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