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    I’m legitimately concerned about posting anything here because of potential backlash from coworkers or the public. Isn’t that sad? There is no safe place for us to vent our frustrations without facing discrimination.

    I’ve been attacked so many times over the past two years that I am afraid to speak my mind or to stand up for myself. I’m scared to voice my opinions incase someone disagrees with me and reports me.

    I understand that we are working in the “public sector”, but that shouldn’t mean that I am your servant, that I have to adopt your opinions, that I have to submit to you.

    I am a person. I have my own ideas and my own opinions. I should be allowed to speak freely and to challenge your child’s way of thinking in order for them to grow. You should want your child’s teacher to be opinionated, not mindlessly scared, someone who you can bully into doing what you want.

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