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    I’m a behavior special education teacher. I deal with a lot of ridiculous things but this takes the cake.

    A real phone conversation with a parent (with an admin in the room):

    Parent: why did you call for admin support today when my child was upset?

    Me: because I had to stand between him and another student who I felt were about to fight and I needed additional support.

    Parent: well, did you think he was going to kill you?

    Me: no, my first concern was for your child and the other student. But in all honesty I spent 2 years in PT after being injured by a student previously, so, yes my safety also played a factor

    Student: well if you don’t want to get hurt you shouldn’t be a teacher.

    Me: excuse me, parent, I just want to make sure you’re hearing what your child is saying to me? That if I don’t want to get hurt I shouldn’t be a teacher?

    Parent: I hear him. You shouldn’t have called for admin, my child and the administrator don’t get along.

    Me: I’m not going to continue with this conversation [walks out]

    I really did walk out of the meeting and let my admin finish the conversation which lasted another hour.. there is no reason we should be treated like this.

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