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    I have been teaching at the same school for over 20 years. I have been in teaching for over 25 years. The school I work at is one of the best in my state, a model for others to emulate. But the place is a toxic shithole run by mostly men who are thinly veiled chauvinists. One of the Vice Principals is such a wanna’ be washed up jock. He talks about sports as if that is the only aspect of the school that is glorious. Since I don’t like sports, he doesn’t like me.
    I was in a situation where a community member(not a parent of a current student) intimidated me prior to an extracurricular event. He yelled at me, while getting into my personal space, b/c something wasn’t going the way he thought it should. I told him I had no control over the situation and pointed him to the Wanna’Be who was at this event too. The man growled, “I know who he is. He isn’t here, you are. FIX IT!” I got nervous and started shaking b/c this man is at least 6ft tall. He waited there in my space, until I corrected the situation to his satisfaction. I felt myself starting to cry and kept my head down. When I told Wanna’Be, he said, “Oh yeah, that’s Mr.—. He’s a lawyer.” Then Wanna’Be walked away. No “I am sorry,” or “Are you ok?” I no acknowledge him nor speak to him. He can F-K Off Sideways. I am glad his wife divorced him and took him for everything.

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