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    An open letter to each and every single elected official across this entire nation:
    Until you’re all willing to volunteer at a local school in your district once a month or more, don’t talk to me about your reelection campaigns.
    Until you learn to put aside your partisan politics and come together for the greater good, don’t ask me for campaign contributions.
    Until you see the need for mental health treatment and reform and actually decide to DO something about it, don’t call my house.
    Until you realize that NO civilian needs assault weapons and body armor, don’t bother mailing me a single flyer.
    Until you start protecting our schools, teachers, administrators, security guards, support staff, and especially our students as carefully as you protect your own agendas, don’t look for your bumper sticker on my car.
    Until you learn how to write AND enforce laws that make sense and actually work, don’t bother asking me to put your sign on my lawn.
    Until my job is as safe and secure as YOURS is, kiss my ass.
    I am done voting for you until your ACTIONS show that you are voting for US.
    Get your act together, politicians!
    Signed, a public school teacher and parent who has had ENOUGH.
    Feel free to share if you agree. These words are my own. And if they offend you, too bad. The senseless, needless death of innocent babies and teachers should offend you much more!

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