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    I’m not sure where to express or write this. I’ve been a teacher for 15 years and absolutely love my passion. The last few years has utterly destroyed my passion and joy. I am not political. I am just seeing things that are making me nervous for our careers. Does anyone think feel like everything is trying to drive us out?They have mentioned privatizing in the past and I didn’t ever think much of it but I just made a connection which is making me worried.

    Indiana is moving forward with a bill that gives parents more say in what their child’s education should be and what should be taught.

    I heard this and thought that was wild. I wanted to read more about privatizing education to gain knowledge and I read this.

    “ It reduces the political influence in the school system.

    Kids are going to school so they can learn. They need an education to help them decide what they want to do with their life. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are still core subjects that will turn today’s kids into tomorrow’s leaders. Instead of letting the politicians decide what students get to learn, the private organizations can work with parents to design customized curricula that will benefit the needs of the community. It will also eliminate the problematic structures that can cause a lack of classroom consistency, such as Wisconsin’s A10 program to reform public school budgets and applications.”

    Has anyone thought along the same lines as me?

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