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    A parent of mine had a stranger approach them and said they needed to get their child out of my class ( a mod-severe placement) because “I allowed my staff to be physically and verbally abusive“. I have been at this school for my entire career 10+ years. Was awarded teacher of the year a few years back and have known this parent for 3 yrs and had her child prior to this school year and have had a decent year prior to this slander. My admin did a thorough investigation of interviewing 18 staff members including aides and service providers. NOT ONE NEGATIVE COMMENT WAS MADE ABOUT MY CLASS. they were all sterling reviews because i really do love my students and love working with them and run a great program. however my admin approved a class change even though it meant moving the child from his grade level to a lower class,my aides are not allowed to work or interact with him, even though they have done nothing wrong, and the parent is now filing a lawsuit. Oh, and parent has requested home hospital and I bet you my retirement they’ll grant it. So yeah, admin who are weak and scared are killing us. Toughen up and support your staff!

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