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    I work at one of those failing impoverished struggling schools. I am a elementary school theater teacher…with no classroom. Even with several vacant rooms in the building I was not assigned a room and I am not allowed to use them. I have to carry all my scripts, props, costumes, laptop, speakers, class charts, incentives, lesson plans, anchor charts and class rules around with me from room to room. On top of that my moronic toad of a principal is getting away with not hiring substitute teachers. If a teacher is out sick that class gets a whole day of gym, art, theater, and music. This means that my schedule is different EVERY. DAMN. DAY. I have no idea who I am teaching and for how long until I get to work. If I am really lucky I get at least one preparation period to put together a shitty last minute lesson plan. Recently, the music teacher and I were given permission to share a room. This made things a little easier. We cram 60 kids in one room. Teach them a musical theater piece. We try to make the best of a shitty situation. But almost immediately both of us were kicked out so that all the vacant rooms in the building can be used by a local college. Does my principal give any semblance of a shit? No. Was I even consulted? No. Was I even told? No. I walked into the room and saw all my materials were stacked against a wall and I was not allowed to use the room. And now admin has the balls to ask if there is going to be some sort of project ready to present at a local arts festival. NO BITCH! OBVIOUSLY NOT! THIS SHIT DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN! I hate this place. I want to quit but I cant. I didn’t sign up to be a nomadic substitute teacher that has to pull a festival submission out of my ass. Fuck this.

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