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    At my school we have a new principal. She is very pedantic and has enstated a very intrusive new policy to which we’re not accustomed. We’re supposed to fill out a blue RTO sheet every time we take off (scheduled and unscheduled) that details and states to the principal, VP, etc. where we are/were when we were out of school. My coworker had to do this while monitoring the IN SCHOOL judging of science fair because she needed other teachers to cover her AM schedule. Another was required to submit a doctor’s note posthumously for her therapy appointment which was scheduled for after school, but was during an unannounced faculty meeting. I was recently asked to fill two out; one because I had the type of flu that required constant access to a toilet (so severely that I had to have my sister call in for me). The second one because I had to leave 5 minutes early from DISMISSAL TIME AFTER ALL OF MY KIDDOS HAD LEFT to have my car serviced after a student had struck and damaged both my passenger side doors irreparably during school hours. It was caught on camera and the student driver had no repercussions. The cost to fix my car was $3567.75 which I had to report to insurance as I’m in no position to be shelling out nearly 2

    months’ salary. Aren’t personal days and times supposed to be PERSONAL?! I don’t ask you specifically to WHICH principals’ meetings you’re going (of which apparently there are A LOT), where the heckin’ you’re going for lunch EVERY DAY, or how you spend your after school time!

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