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    My admin (think Ava from Abbott Elementary) calls me to her office to ask why I requested 46 notebooks. I explained that one set- 23 were for homework and the other half would be reading journals as the curriculum calls for those. She said we only have 60notebooks in the building I can give you one set. I said okay not a problem. End of the day rolls around school aid drops off another set of notebooks. Co teacher paraprofessional and I think woah great we got the other notebooks approved. Labeled them and handed them out. Get a phone call that we need to return them. I inform them can’t do that. The students have used their notebooks. Was then told I knew better because we had a discussion and I shouldn’t have used them. Now she had to tell the other teachers that needed notebooks that I (said my whole name to the staff) took all the available notebooks selfishly. Like WTF!

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