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    This school year our union and the district worked out a deal so that the teachers get more PLC time. Great! Right? More time to work on lesson planning creating rigor, relevance and yadda yadda yadda. Of course, our departments can’t do the extra PLC time by ourselves, we shouldn’t need to worry about that. We will have the administration (sarcasm right here) to organize when and where we get our extra PLC time. They decided to do it on Tuesday (a day we already have dedicated to PLC in the morning). It will be a half pull out day so I’m teaching for 1-3 periods and meet during 4-6 periods. I’m guessing our lunch time is the same but we were told that we do not get our preps if it is during that PLC time since “We are not teaching students” during that time. I know this sounds like a union issue but, I want to wait and see how this time goes and if anything else comes up.

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