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    Never in my wildest dreams, would I think that I would be filing a police report on a student for threatening me but here I am!
    All started with a. Student last week came back from an undocumented 10 day suspension for terrible behavior, then comes back into class and is standing on chairs and jumping on desks. Tell the student he needs to leave the classroom and he replies “ I ain’t going anywhere” . I then call security, they arrive and he says “ I ain’t leaving, we can do this all day” he finally leaves and on his way out as his parting shot he says you “ white a** crack** bi**h” . I then wrote him up. He comes back the next day, and was compliant. Yesterday, in my attempt to get him on track I show him assignments on what work can be made up for his missed time and he said “you wrote me up, you’re on my list now” . I wrote that up as a threat and was brought into principals office and said he doesn’t tolerate that and if I wanted to file police report I can. Given the state of affairs in our school with recent happenings, I decided to file police report as threatening remarks and no “kids will be kids” is not an excuse, not today, not in todays climate in schools. End rant

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