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    I pulled my back muscle on a Sunday evening and put in for a sub for the next day. I was told by the sub technician, “We don’t have any subs available, any chance you can push through it so an admin doesn’t have to sit in your room as a sub?” So I ended up pushing though it (while in a lot of pain).

    The next day, an assistant principal called me into his office (wouldn’t tell me why when I asked what it was regarding). He immediately asked, “Do you want to work here?” I was very confused and asked, “What do you mean?” He responded with “Oh, I noticed you weren’t smiling yesterday.” I responded, “Did you think to ask first and foremost if I was doing okay if you noticed I was acting differently than my normal bubbly self?” I proceeded to show him my back brace and explained to him I only came in so he didn’t have to be burdened with being my sub.

    Instead of apologizing (when he clearly on his face recognized he made a mistake), he responded “Well, wouldn’t you rather know if I had a concern?” I said, “Yes, but this obviously didn’t turn out to be what you thought, did it? I try not to make assumptions and a approach teaching with the thought that each person is trying their hardest each day with what they have to give.”

    Needless to say I always took a sub when I needed it after that. And quit the position at the end of the year (after many other ridiculous occurrences).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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