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    This year has just about killed me. We started the year virtual for the first three weeks, then we moved to blended learning which is two jobs itself, not to mention that students have to wear masks and use shields…it’s been a constant battle to keep them apart all year long…..on top of all of that our loser of a Governor and TEA decided that they should ALSO take the STAAR test at the very end of the year when they’ve survived a school year during a pandemic. Three days of STAAR testing for 5th grade two weeks before school gets out. Thank GOD it doesn’t count this year for them because let me tell you, there are massive gaps from remote learning last year. I mean the students have gone through enough…and so have us teachers. So we get our schedule for the three days of testing and we are not given a break the first two days. We have to eat lunch with them in the classroom and they don’t have specials. This is illegal. They are required to give us a 30 minute break throughout our work day and today is the second day in a row that we haven’t gotten a break. When I asked about it, my principal said to talk to the testing coordinator, and when I asked her, she says, I’m sorry we just can’t do that. You’ll have to find another way if you want a break. I’m just so over being taken advantage of and used this year. After this year, I don’t want to be a teacher anymore…not with the way the parents, administration, and students treat us. I’ve busted my ASS…and what do I get? A pat on the back and some PD to do before the end of the year….like WTF?!

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