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    Each month one grade level is required to host a “staff bonding” experience. It can be held during school or after hours. If it’s after hours, it’s entirely voluntary. Last week no body showed up to paint shamrocks and our principal had a conniption over it.

    The text of her email is copied here:

    “ Just because I thought you would want to know.

    Each month, staff members have put their hearts ( and money) into our staff gatherings. Each month, many people have attended even when the events are after school. It is never everyone but a great representation of staff are usually present…until today. **** and ********* prepared shamrocks, Irish sayings/blessing/cookies and more. ***** was the only teacher present.

    The reality is, several people had tutoring, others had obligations, and all of us are exhausted.

    I am telling you because I thought you’d want to know.
    I thought you might want to reach out.
    I thought you might want to ask for a shamrock and hang it outside of your door.
    I thought you might care.”

    I was already planning to leave at the end of this year. This just pushed my apathetic self one step further out the door.

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