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    2020 my H.O.D’s contract was not renewed with no notice. I was in my first year of teaching and was basically told to hold the fort in the interim. After 2 months of teaching his classes and my own and being made to rewrite all his modules for external evaluation, I was getting burnt out. I had a minor freak out at their response when I asked if they’d hired someone to replace my H.O.D. Firstly I was told by the self appointed head of pastoral care “we don’t believe titles like H.O.D. hold much value here”. Then admin told me I’d be getting a trainee teaching assistant who would just be observing my classes instead of someone qualified to take some of them off me. I started coming into work in tears, and was called into the principals office to explain why I wasn‘t happy In my job. A week later I catch Covid – pre vaccination. The only place I left the house for was work so I obviously caught it from the college. I’m in bed for 3 weeks, my partner calls an ambulance twice but twice we’re told unless I’m gasping for air we should just ride it out. During this time I start getting emails from students asking why most of their classes with me have been cancelled, why all their assessment groups have been switched up so they were no longer in the same classes with people they’d been working on assignments with, and another from a student who tells me the principal has been actively telling people that there was no way I caught covid from school and that I must have been breaking health and safety restrictions and acting irresponsibly in my own time. Needless to say my card was marked and as soon as my contract ended I got an impersonal email to my work account from the principal thanking me for my work but “the school will not be renewing your contract” at 6pm on a Friday. By Monday morning my account had been deleted.

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