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    We are all getting new HUGE “TV screens” to replace the projectors that are slowly crapping out. Yay! Right? I thought so too, until…

    We find out that all General Ed teachers are getting theirs wall-mounted. Awesome! All Special Ed teachers (who actually have a base to call “their” classroom) are getting theirs on a cart because theirs will be “partially interactive.” I’m psyched about the interactive part, but let’s face it.. nothing lasts in a school. I teach both special education classes and general ed, as a help to my school. I am 80% SPED and I won’t make the switch back to G.E.

    What I don’t get is that these giant f*cking TVs will be on a giant f*cking cart, sitting where exactly?!? There is no way I have enough room for one more desk, let alone a huge TV on a cart that is now going to have to block my library, supplies, desk or doorway.

    And why on a cart? In case we have to move rooms. Wait.. so now we have to drag this thing with us?! WHY DO SPECIAL ED TEACHERS ALWAYS GET THE SHAFT. Like 90% of us don’t have a classroom, and those that do teach multiple subjects so there are sometimes double the supplies.

    I feel bad complaining but it’s just nuts. Nothing makes sense.

    Am I just being an a-hole?

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