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    I was a new fresh, young teacher starting out at an inner city school in the one of the most dangerous neighborhoods. It was mid-year and the school was over-populated and needed to open a new 2nd grade class for the “overflow” of 18 students. Admin “allowed” the other two teachers to “select” the students that would go in my classroom. I had 14 boys, 4 girls. They gave me every single student they had with an IEP or 504 Plan: 10! I was overwhelmed, exhausted, burnout and frustrated, plus my mother was diagnosed with cancer (and they all knew). I gained 20 pounds in 5 months. Admin did NOTHING, saying that it would be “good experience” for me as a new teacher. I was forced to stay on for 2 years before I was able to transfer within the district to another school.

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