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    I am the TVP (Teaching Vice Principal) for our middle school this year. Actually, I took over when another very good teacher dropped out because our principal was having him do HIS job. (With this teacher’s support, I asked him first. We stick together.)

    Last week, our 3 administrators needed to go to a conference in Napa, so I was the sole for 2 days. Our staff is fed up. Our Principal has been inconsistent, uncommunicative, and unsupportive for 3 years. Finally, we have been informed that next year, he will be going elsewhere. As a result of his “discipline“ policies, our students feel like they can do whatever they want, whenever they want They have even recently successful run-off a veteran teacher , because he got no support from admin.

    In 2 days as fill-in admin here’s what I accomplished: 4 suspensions

    3 In-House Suspensions

    4 in office/out for the remainder of the day

    1 Saturday School

    6 clean up lunch detentions

    7 Interviews about a threat to fight.

    I called or spoke to 9 set of parents. I layed out what their child

    had done and explained their consequence. I was not yelled at by a single

    parent. I even suspended 2 students for PDA and had to explain to the parents that it has been an ongoing problem and that I was sorry that that had not been communicated. But I had warned both students in the morning that if they did it again, they would be suspended. They did it again at lunch time. When I explained to the parent that I warned them and that I hold true to my word, they understood.

    Our district is interviewing for a new principal next week, I want to let’s them know that it’s NOT THAT HARD, to communicate and be consistent.

    I emailed all the teachers every time I made a decision about a student. Here are some

    of the resonses:

    “You are awesome!!!! This has been ongoing for “sooo soo” long now. I have sent them to admin in the past several times. You are rocking it today!”

    ”Way to go Queen Principal!! What their actions showed me was that it was let go before. I hope I’m wrong.“

    “THANK YOU!! It’s about TIME!”

    My rant is: WHY IS IT MARCH AND THESE BEHAVIORS ARE STILL GOING ON???!!! It’s not that hard.

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