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    I also want to address the black lives matter movement happening in your classroom. Having the 8th graders make BLM posters and signs supporting BLM and defunding the police is atrocious!

    I ABSOLUTLY DO NOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT THE SCHOOL OR YOU in any way. What you are doing and saying to me, my family, and friends is that injustice is only happening to black people and the rest if us don’t matter? Let me remind you, again, that my husband, student’s father, was killed BY A CO-WORKER last year! That co-worker has seen no jail time, no punishment, still has his job, still driving heavy equipment and the measly compensation that we are receiving IN NO WAY makes up for the loss of my husband, students father and our financial hardship we are facing. As of this day WE have ABSOLUTLY SEEN NO JUSTICE AT ALL! Governmental immunity is what we keep getting told and NOT ONE lawyer wants to take on the state to help us fight for OUR injustice. But some how we are a privilege white family. Isn’t that what you are preaching? For a teacher that is adamant to make kids do research for their papers, maybe you should do the same in your research of who is really backing the BLM movement, defunding the police departments, and infiltrating the social media with flith and lies. So tell me why are you supporting the death of a drug addicted crimial who refused obey the law in ANY MANOR? Is that what you are trying to teacher our children? To support criminals, especially if they are black? That’s what it sounds like to me. Do you realize that you have children in your classroom who’s parents are police officers and fire fighters? Are you trying to turn their children against them? What exactly is your motive here?

    Continue protesting and supporting dead criminals and ANTIFA and I will have no other choice but to pull my son from this school. I know for a FACT, I am not the only parent with these issues and that you have upset.

    Politics DO NOT belong in a school where children are easily brain washed to your ideal of socialism, Marxist, and communist ways. I don’t care what color or race you or anyone else is, ALL LIVES MATTER!!! And THAT is what you should be teaching. If this matter is not resolved I will be pulling student from this school. If ANY repercussions come back towards my son I will document everything being said and done and obtain a lawyer, hands down! Do your job and teach social studies as you were hired to do and quit filling the minds of children with this media filth and ANTIFA backed nonsense.

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    It’s almost as if this letter was copied and pasted for use by others. I got one very similar, but takeout BLM and insert pride and pronouns. ???? Can we please get admin and BoEs to stop placating these vile extremists? It is time for educators to take our industry back from the frootloops.

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