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    Here’s a gem for you. A couple of weeks ago I ran an extensive parent teacher meeting involving multiple people and specialists. I am new to the school and could really use some positive reinforcement or just a general nod that I am doing well in my new position.

    Well, after running the meeting (beautifully, I might add) for two hours, admin bursts out with “oh, Lily, you were so incredible in this meeting! I see you with a future in administration! really.” Lily is beaming. I am not Lily, if you hadn’t guessed. Haha. Lily is another teacher. Admin continues to Lily- but first looks at me- “No offense”- then to Lily “but you practically ran that meeting!”

    not only was this untrue but it was such BS and so inappropriate for her to say that with me right there… I was stesing over that one for quite awhile and still cringe to think about it. (I try not to).

    I will I’ll clarify that Lily’s Contribution was to talk about the child’s progress in the classroom and then suggest the child check out books at a specific library.

    After the amount i conttibuted to the meeting sharing data, reports, etc and facilitating the whole thing I was pretty pissed. A lot of chocolate was eaten that night!

    Ugh, thanks for letting me vent!

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