Old looking lady saying "What's everybody complaining a bout? Teaching is a wonderful and energizing! I'm 28 and I feel amazing!"

Our Story

Teacher Misery is the brainchild of author Jane Morris who felt teachers needed a safe place to vent about the frustrations of teaching school.

Jane started teaching high school English in 2007 with stars in her eyes and hope in her heart, ready to inspire every jaded adolescent and save the world through literature. Within the first few weeks, she realized that the job was more than she bargained for and would probably lead to her early death.

To cope with the chaos, she started making sarcastic jokes about teaching on social media, and she was relieved to find an entire community of teachers who were also outraged and miserable in a profession that was nothing like they imagined it would be.

The Teacher Misery community has grown to over 450K followers across multiple social media platforms, and four comedic teaching memoirs in print.

About Teacher Misery

Teacher Misery is made up of a team of current and former teachers who are here to make your teaching experience a little less sucky (or at least help you smile and feel less alone). 


Teaching sucks sometimes. Teacher misery is here to help you laugh through the tears.


You’re not alone in your misery! Let us provide a safe space to vent and commiserate.


We’ll show you what it’s really like in the classroom and how to make things better.

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