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Whether you’ve been teaching for way too long, or you just started and feel like you’re drowning, Teacher Misery will help you find humor in the daily misery.


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“Found out today that I will be involuntarily moved from my self-contained special ed program to an unfilled middle school resource room position at a different school on the other side of the district because our admin overstaffed our program and the extra teacher they hired can’t be moved as a “new” teacher in their second year. F this.”

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“It amazes how so many schools in America have this concept of “social politics” taking over and running their schools. I can’t do this because so and so is tight with so and so and if I say this or do that so and so will slander me to the department chair or God knows who else and then have it all come back to me. I really wish all this would stop.”

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“I’ve come to the conclusion that when I tell folks I’m a teacher, their reaction is as if I’ve told them I work with people without water in underdeveloped countries. It’s a mixture of respect and pity. As if they think I’m pursuing some sort of false martyrdom. as I saw someone else post somewhere, I love teaching, but I don’t like being a teacher right now.”

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Join bestselling author Jane Morris as she walks you through the modern American public education system with true tells of utter misery teaching today’s youth.

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Teacher Misery

An important book for teachers and non-teachers alike, Teacher Misery perfectly encapsulates the comical misery that has become the teaching profession.

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What It’s Really Like

What It’s Really Like includes stories from teachers around the U.S. that will equally break your heart and give you the motivation to keep going in this profession.

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