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This story was submitted to Teacher Misery by a contributor who wished to remain anonymous to protect their identity.

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Toxic Classroom Environment When people picture a toxic classroom environment, they are probably thinking of one that is hostile and negative as far as atmosphere and behavior. That kind of toxic classroom environment is caused by a number of factors, including bullying, discrimination, and a lack of respect. But the type of toxic classroom environment …

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There is so much to unpack about what happened at Richneck, with many questions lingering in all our minds. And while I know a lot of what happened on that awful day, the full story is not mine to tell, and I will leave the details up to Abby and official statements. It’s her narrative, …

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Deciding to resign from teaching and writing that heart-wrenching teacher resignation letter is a very large and difficult decision. Many teachers spend years pondering whether they should leave teaching or stick it out. In fact, Teacher Misery has talked about The Guilt and Stigma of Leaving Teaching on this very blog. After a teacher suffered …

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