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Happy Birthday Teacher! Funny Poem

Happy Birthday Teacher! Funny Poem


Happy Birthday, Teacher, let’s have some fun,

We promise today we won’t make you want to run.

Oh wait, sorry, that’s just wishful thinking,

You’ve taught for so long, you’ve probably seen everything.

Your patience is endless, or so we assume,

As we often fill your days with chaos and gloom.

You smile through our antics, our drama, our screaming, 

With the grace of a saint and a smile that’s gleaming.

We’ve tested your limits, we’ve pushed every rule,

We’ve made you question why you want to teach school.

But your wisdom and wit have guided us well,

Even when we drove you straight to, well, you know, yell.

You teach us with passion, you teach us with flair,

Even when our attention is just not there.

We know it’s not easy handling our spree,

But you’ve done it with humor at the cost of your sanity!

From the endless assignments we forget to do,

To the “lost” permission slips, just between me and you.

You’ve seen all our tricks, you’ve seen every plot,

Yet still, you smile, whether we get it or not.

Remember that time with you know who and you know what?

You handled it so calmly, without even a but-

Every day when you must let us loose in the hall,

You manage to laugh and not punish us all.

We admire your strength, your patience, your grace,

As you teach us each day with a smile on your face.

Your lessons go beyond what’s there in the book,

You’ve taught us to think, to dream, and to look.

So today is your day to kick back and relax,

Forget the lesson plans, tests, science, and math facts.

Enjoy your cake, your gifts, and your cheer,

And don’t worry, we’ll still be annoying next year.

We’ve hidden the markers, we’ve locked up the board,

But we’ve written you this poem, so you won’t be bored.

Here’s to you, dear teacher, on your special day,

May you find joy and laughter in every way.

Happy Birthday, dear teacher, you’re truly the best,

Now put up your feet, and give yourself a rest.

Here’s to you and your patience, your knowledge, your charm,

We promise we’ll (try to) do no more harm!

With love and respect, from your troublesome class,

May your birthday be perfect, may the fun always last.

We’ll always remember the things that you’ve taught,

And cherish the memories of the battles we fought.

Happy birthday to a truly incredible teacher!

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Jane Morris

Jane Morris is the pen name of an ex-teacher who would really like to tell you more about herself but is worried awful administrators will come after her for spilling their dirty little secrets. Jane has taught English for over 15 years in a major American city. She received her B.A. in English and Secondary Education from a well-known university and her M.A. in Writing and Literature from an even fancier (and more expensive) university. As a professional queen of commiseration turned published author, Jane’s foremost passion in life is to make people laugh through the tears.

She has written several highly acclaimed books unpacking the reality of teaching and life inside the school system. You can view her full library of works here.