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Former Richneck Elementary School assistant principal Ebony Parker was charged with eight counts of felony child abuse and neglect in the wake of a 2023 shooting. This is a particularly significant finding as the administration is rarely held liable for incidents of this magnitude, despite teachers’ desperate pleas for help.

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Republican lawmakers advanced a bill on April 9th that would allow some teachers to carry concealed guns at school. This comes almost a year to the day that a shooting occurred at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three adults and three children. 

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Missouri state Representative introduced bill which “creates the offense of contributing to social transition, which a person commits if he or she, acting in his or her official capacity as a teacher or school counselor, provides support to a child regarding social transition. The offense is a class E felony. A person found guilty of such offense will be required to register on Tier I of the Sex Offender Registry.”

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Allow me to take you on a journey back in time to before the rise of mobile phones in classrooms. Call this a whimsical misadventure to see why phones should NOT be allowed in schools. When I first started teaching in 2007, most kids did not have a smartphone. We also did not have Smartboards …

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Teachers are used to having to beg, borrow, and cry for much needed classroom supplies. And these aren’t just cute decorations they’re trying to get their hands on. We’re talking about classroom essentials like paper, pre sharpened pencils, and even books. While people might realize that school districts don’t always give teachers school supplies, they …

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A Difficult Job Gets Even Harder So much about what and how teachers can teach kids is under tight control, including what is on school library shelves and classroom shelves. The curriculum in most school districts is practically scripted, which goes against the reason most people become teachers in the first place. A huge aspect …

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In May 2022, I posted the terrible story of Kim Burns-Fisher, a middle school English teacher who was viciously attacked by a student, which caused permanent brain damage, amongst other serious injuries. In case you don’t know the whole story, here is a quick summary: Burns-Fisher taught a student who had 14 prior violent incidents …

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