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Do you slay, bro? Take The Gen Z Slang Quiz!

Do you slay, bro? Take The Gen Z Slang Quiz!


Imagine walking into a room full of teenagers, armed with only your outdated lingo, ready to drop a “cool beans” or a “this rocks!” on the unsuspecting class. Suddenly, you realize you’re the human embodiment of a dial-up modem. Knowing teen slang isn’t just about keeping up with the times—it’s about survival in the wild jungle of teaching.

It’s the difference between being seen as the wise, relatable teacher-bro or the clueless adult who still thinks “LOL” means “lots of love.” So, do you think you know all of the latest slang terms? This quiz will be the judge of that! Grab a pencil and a piece of paper to record your answers so you can check them at the end of the quiz. 

1. If a young man says, “Listen up, chat,” he is probably talking to…

A. His best friend B. The teacher C. The entire class

2. If your friend says she’s “cooked,” she is probably…

A. In trouble at work B. High on drugs C. In love

3. If you’re watching sports and a player keeps falling and getting hurt, you might say…

A. Bro is a simp B. GYAT! C. Get bro away from the stove!

    4. If someone tells you that you’re the “rizzler,” that means that you…

    A. Are hot B. Dress well C. Are good at getting people to like you

      5. As the teacher, if a student says “GYAT!” to you, you should say…

      A. “Thanks.” B. “I know that already.” C. “That is not appropriate.”

        6. If you have “mad drip,” you…

        A. Are hot B. Dress well C. Are good at insulting people

          7. If Sally is “delulu” about her singing career, that means she…

          A. Thinks she’s not good B. Is unrealistic about her talent C. Is about to give up on it

            8. Charles is “low-key sus.” This means that he…

            A. Is acting a little suspicious B. Is acting extremely suspicious C. Is kind of a loser

              9. Dorothy is a “high-key simp” for Reginald. That means that she…

              A. Is obsessed with him B. Hates him C. Is suspicious of him

                10. Mrs. Dinglehopper is “getting piped” this weekend. This means that she…

                A. Is getting high B. Is getting drunk C. Will be having intercourse

                  11. Mortimer is always “glazing” the principal. This means that he always…

                  A. Makes fun of her B. Kisses her butt C. Beats her up

                    12. A student looks at what you’re wearing and says, “That’s so Ohio.” They mean to say what you’re wearing is…

                    A. Weird B. Hip C. Old-fashioned

                      13. If someone starts a conversation with the word “skibidi,” that means…

                      A. Nothing/anything B. They’re excited C. They’re mad

                        14. When talking about the latest Kahoot game, a student says Lars was a “sigma,” that means that Lars probably…

                        A. Lost the game B. Won the game C. Didn’t even play the game

                          15. If a student says “4+4” to you about an activity you just did, the activity was

                          A. Good B. Too hard C. Boring

                            16. You might tell your class that “it’s time to lock in” in order to say…

                            A, It’s time to focus B. It’s time to secure your valuables C. Be nicer to each other

                              17. If a student is upset because they didn’t get into their first-choice college, you might tell them to…

                              A. Stop being a simp B. Thug it out C. Pay the fanum tax 

                                18. If your friend takes/pays a fanum tax, they…

                                A. Cheated off your test B. Stole money from you C. Stole food from you

                                  19. When a student runs their pointer finger along their jawline, this is called…

                                  A. Skimming B. Mewing C. Beefing

                                    20. If you tell your friend to “Go off, King/Queen!” you are encouraging them to…

                                    A. Vent B. Be sexy C. Win a game

                                      21. If you accuse a student of cheating, and they say they didn’t, but add “no cap!” this means they…

                                      A. Forgot their hat B. Are not lying C. Aren’t mad that you think they cheated

                                        22. If you are “standing on business, ” you…

                                        A. Stand up for yourself B. Take care of what you need to C. Make a big deal out of nothing

                                          23. If you “stan” Taylor Swift, this means that you…

                                          A. Hate her B. Love her C. Are obsessed with her

                                          24. If a student says you’re their “opp” it’s probably because you…

                                          A. Gave them an A B. Have been absent a lot C. Failed them

                                            25. If a student says that another student is their “pookie,” this means they…

                                            A. Have a crush on them B. Hate them C. Think they’re hilarious

                                              26. If a student calls you “unc,” it means you are…

                                              A. Cool B. Old C. Stupid

                                                27. When your student says “can you slide?” to a classmate, they are trying to…

                                                A. Copy off them B. Ask them on a date C. Get drugs from them

                                                  28. When a student says that they are going to cheese this weekend, they mean they are going to…

                                                  A. Do nothing B. Do a photoshoot C. Get high on drugs

                                                    29. When a student says they got “bodied” during a game, this means they…

                                                    A. Lost badly B. Won by a long shot C. Got injured

                                                      30. A dance you do when you beat someone in Fortnite is called…

                                                      A. Hitting the griddy B. Getting based C. The Bop

                                                        Answer key: 

                                                        1. C
                                                        2. A
                                                        3. C
                                                        4. C
                                                        5. C
                                                        6. B
                                                        7. B
                                                        8. A
                                                        9. A
                                                        10. C
                                                        11. B
                                                        12. A
                                                        13. A
                                                        14. B
                                                        15. A
                                                        16. A
                                                        17. B
                                                        18. C
                                                        19. B
                                                        20. B
                                                        21. B
                                                        22. C
                                                        23. C
                                                        24. C
                                                        25. A
                                                        26. B
                                                        27. A
                                                        28. C
                                                        29. A
                                                        30. A

                                                        How many did you get right?

                                                        25-30: You’re the rizzler, bruh!

                                                        24-20: You’re sort of basic.

                                                        19-15: Skibidi toilet! You’re a simp.

                                                        14-10: You definitely ain’t bussin’ bro.

                                                        9-0: Were you low-key born in the 1800s, bro? 

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                                                        Jane Morris

                                                        Jane Morris is the pen name of an ex-teacher who would really like to tell you more about herself but is worried awful administrators will come after her for spilling their dirty little secrets. Jane has taught English for over 15 years in a major American city. She received her B.A. in English and Secondary Education from a well-known university and her M.A. in Writing and Literature from an even fancier (and more expensive) university. As a professional queen of commiseration turned published author, Jane’s foremost passion in life is to make people laugh through the tears.

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