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Missouri state Representative introduced bill which “creates the offense of contributing to social transition, which a person commits if he or she, acting in his or her official capacity as a teacher or school counselor, provides support to a child regarding social transition. The offense is a class E felony. A person found guilty of such offense will be required to register on Tier I of the Sex Offender Registry.”

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Ahh, funny yearbook quotes and all the stupid crap kids say. If ever there was a rite of passage to graduating the high school experience, this is it! Many high schools give graduating seniors the opportunity to choose a quote to have printed underneath their yearbook photo. And to nobody’s surprise, many seniors use this …

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After running the Teacher Misery social media account for over ten years, I’ve become a bit of a receptacle for outrageous stories. Some of them are heartbreaking and tragic… Many are wild and hard to believe… But my favorite ones are just downright hilarious! Of course, the hilarious stories tend to have a hint of …

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Allow me to take you on a journey back in time to before the rise of mobile phones in classrooms. Call this a whimsical misadventure to see why phones should NOT be allowed in schools. When I first started teaching in 2007, most kids did not have a smartphone. We also did not have Smartboards …

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