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50 Funny Exam Answers by Students (Guaranteed to Make You LOL)

50 Funny Exam Answers by Students (Guaranteed to Make You LOL)


Ahhh, exam season. The pinnacles of crunch, stress, and an inane amount of marking! However, there is one bright spot to the standardized season: reading all the funny exam answers by students.

Truly, students write some funny test answers. And a lot of whacked-out workings too!

And though we can’t give any marks for the exam responses that make us spit out our water in a fit of giggles, we can collect all the answers in a mega-post to all guffaw at together. And maybe give half a point for creativity. ;)

Over the course of my nearly two-decade career as a teacher, I kept a personal collection of all the funny exam answers I stumbled across. They were there for me on the days that the misery of teaching had me feeling blue.

And now, I’ve collated them all here for you – it can’t all be concessions and commiseration! Sometimes, we just need to laugh.

So with further ado, let’s have a laugh. Don’t say I never did anything for you!

After all, laughter is the best medicine. And if you’re going to survive exam season, you’ll need all the medicine you can get.

A horse laughing at all the funny exam answers from students with superimposed Teacher Misery branding.
Why the long face?

50 Funniest Exams Answers I’ve Collected From Students

From in-class assignments to the silliest answers on AP exams, so begins the collection. The anthology of awesome.

There’s no way around it: kids just say the dumbest s***.

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#1: Information Technology

Explain what a digital footprint is.

A digital footprint is when you step on your iPad.

#2: Geography

What is the capital of England?


#3: Grammar

What is a synonym?

The stuff I put on my toast.

An image of cinnamon toast making a pun about the student's confusion with the word

#4: Human Biology

Explain how twins happen.

Twins happen when you have sex when you’re already pregnant.

#5: Philosophy

Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone you hate?

I would rather be stuck on an island with someone I hate so I have something to eat.

#6: Classical Literature

In your opinion, is Odysseus worthy of the title hero? Explain.

Odysseus is my hero because he’s the man. He’s got a hot wife at home but then he goes around banging all these hoes around the globe. That’s my dream right there.

#7: Poetry

Compare the tone or authors’ attitudes in the two poems, “To Helen” by Edgar Allan Poe and “Helen” by HD.

One guy thinks she’s totally the bait and the other guy thinks she’s like the biggest ho.

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#8: Sex Education…?

Describe how the author manages to give internal events the sense of excitement, suspense, and climax usually associated with external action.

This question is inappropriate and I’m not going to answer it.

#9: Biology 101

Name a book that changed your perspective on the world and describe how it impacted you.

A book that made the biggest impact on me is “Everyone Poops.” It made me realize that pooping is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone should read this book and realize that yes, everyone really does poop. That means it’s okay, right? Right.

#10: Biographical Literature

Write a memoir using only six words.

Want love, only got deez hoes.

An old man hoeing his crops making a joke about the kid's funny test answer.

#11: English Studies

Give an example of an onomatopoeia.


#12: Visual Art

Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Leonardo DiCaprio.

#13. Vocabulary

What part of speech is the word dragon? Use it in a sentence.

Dragon is a noun. I’m gonna be dragon deez nuts across your face.

#14: Non-Fiction Writing

What is a heading?

A heading is a head with the letter ING on it.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…

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#15: American History (Pt. 1)

What do we celebrate on the 4th of July?


#16: American History (Pt. 2)

Who was the first president of the United States?

Yankee Doodle.

#17: Geometry

Name this shape. ⬠


#18: American History (Pt. 3)

Who said, “Give me liberty or give me death?”

The Statue of Liberty before she was frozen.

#19: Parapsychology

There were forty ghosts and seven disappeared. How many ghosts are left?

Zero because ghosts aren’t real.

#20: The Infinitely Superior Metric System

To turn centimeters to meters you must…?

Take out centi.

#21: Critical Race Theory

List something that is almost always white.

Disney Princesses

A GIF of JD from Scrubs affirming the truth of the student's test answer.
I’d give ’em a mark.

#22: Chemistry

Write the two reactions used in the separation of CaCO₃.

Surprised, relieved

#23: Domestic Studies

Sarah has 16 chocolate bars, Jamie takes 4 from her and asks for the remaining quarter. What will Jamie end up with?

A slap!

#24: Chemistry But Also Sorta Biology

Name a gas.


#25: Mathematics

What is the difference between 8 and 6?

8 is all curly and 6 is not.

#26: Sex Education for Real This Time

Name an effective form of contraception.

Crocs are an effective form of contraception because no one wants to have sex with someone wearing crocs.

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#27: Economics

How did Henry Ford spend his money?

On strippers and cocaine

#28: Musical History

Name a musician from the 1920s.

MC Hammer

#29: Botany

Some people think that plants eat soil. Why might they think that?

They are stupid.

#30: Facts

What should you say if someone offers you an illegal drug?

No, thank you, I will take it at home.

#31: Human Biology Attempt Two

How do twins happen?

When a pregnant lady has sex.

#32: Gaming the System

A 7th-grade class wanted to determine the average word length in a textbook. What should they do to determine this?

Copy and paste into a Word document and click “word count.”

#33: Sculpture Studies

What is the Statue of Liberty holding?

An ice cream cone

The Statue of Liberty holding an ice-cream cone per the student's response on the exam paper.

#34: Report Writing

Plan a short writing piece using what you learned about gorillas.

Thesis: Gorillas and fat and stupid like my family.
Supporting detail #1 Gorillas walk crazy all the time.
Supporting detail #2 Gorillas are bigger than us.
Supporting detail #3 Gorillas have big heads and are stupid.
Conclusion: Gorillas are stupid like my mom, fat like my dad, and have big heads like my sister.

#35: Crafts

Sam can make 11 beaded necklaces in an hour. Sue can make 12 necklaces in an hour. In one week, Sam made necklaces for 6 hours, and Sue made them for 3 hours. Who made more bracelets?

No one was making bracelets.

#36: I Don’t Even Know

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

10: ten
100: teen
1000: teeen
10000: teeeen
100000: teeeeen
1000000: teeeeeen

#37: Middle-Eastern Studies

What language do people in Lebanon speak?


#38: Astronomy

A star in the sky suddenly brightens to many times its original brightness and then fades gradually over the next several years. Hypothesize what happened in terms of a star’s life cycle.

It just had a hot flash and is probably going through menopause.

#39: Roman History

Who was Caesar Augustus?

A dick-tator

More Excuses!

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#40: Procedure Writing

Write a short “How To” piece. Be sure to include the materials one will need and each step in the process.

How to Twerk: Put your hand on your hips, open your legs. Then put your leg up on the wall and twerk. You can twerk in people’s faces, then they might throw up. If the throw-up gets on you, you can shake the throw-up back at them.

#41: Music Studies

Name a song that is particularly meaningful to you and explain why it is significant.

Chief Keef’s song “Love No Thotties” is meaningful to me because you can’t love, trust, or feed a thotty. You especially can’t make her feel welcome at your crib. In god we trust, in thotties we lust.

#42: Victorian Literature

Explain some qualities of Victorian Literature. How do you know you are reading a Victorian text?

The Victorian Era was the first time Victoria’s Secret was acknowledged. This brought about an uprising of people pondering what Victoria’s secret really is.

#43: Creative Writing

Write a simile.

John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who also never met.

#44: Creative Writing Pt. 2

Write a metaphor.

Her face was a circle that had been smashed on the sides by a Thigh Master.

#45: Creative Writing Pt. 3

Write a simile.

Her voice had a deep, throaty sound like a dog before it throws up.

#46: American History (Pt. 4)

A funny exam answer from a student about the first president of the United States of America.

The last hilarious test answer on American history…

#47: Reflective Writing

A student's silly answer on a reflective writing exam question about Michael Jordan.

A student’s attempt at a thoughtful exam response turns funny…

#48: Physics

A picture of a math exam question and the student's funny response.

To be fair, we’ve all met guys like him.

#49: Film Studies

A student's exam answer including a funny drawing of a dancing robot.

Why should a student write a funny exam answer when they can draw it? Maximize those marks!

#50: General Science

An exam question with a picture of a piece of lab equipment and a kid's silly response.

I still wouldn’t call this strictly wrong.

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Got Your Own Funny Student Exam Answers?

Why not submit them then? Let’s turn this into the internet’s home base of the strangest and silliest test questions and answers!

I hope you had a giggle along with me. At the very least, I hope this post keeps you sane through all the marking seasons to come.

The world is changing. These days, we can secretly use ChatGPT to mark exams and provide feedback to save ourselves hours upon hours of stress!

But the one thing that will NEVER change is the wonderment with which a kid sees the world. Perhaps it’s sometimes a bit literal and a bit lacking in contextualized nuance. But it’s endless entertainment all the same.

So if you have any favorite funny answers from exam papers that you think deserve a shoutout, post them in the comments down below! Let me know so I can work them in. :)

And whatever you do, stay sane out there in all the misery of teaching! Find those bright spots, cut those corners, and make teaching worth it again.

Because nothing will get you through the day like a twelve-year-old’s take on Odysseus and all the booty he plundered.

Pun 100% intended.

A marble bust of Odysseus referencing the funny exam answer on the topic earlier in the article.

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